Pro Tips for a Clean Home

Maintain Cleanliness Between Visits From Our Cleaning Professionals

While Catch All Cleaning, Maintenance and Management, LLC offers comprehensive services to establish a clean, hospitable environment in your home or office, maintaining such a setting often requires routine maintenance. When developing your cleaning plan, consider the cleaning tips below. For more information about best practices and to request professional cleaning assistance, call us.

  • Create a short daily chore list - some tasks, such as washing dishes, require daily attention, but allotting specific times for less frequent chores, such as vacuuming, will help you maintain a clean home throughout the week.
  • Stay mindful of task completion times - timing yourself when completing chores is a great way to stay motivated and understanding how long certain tasks will take is essential to creating an efficient chore list.
  • Become a "multi-tasker" - incorporating chores into your daily routine minimizes the time you have to specifically delegate for chores. Fold a load of laundry while watching TV, straighten up the living room while chatting on the phone, etc.
  • Keep clutter to a minimum - organization and cleanliness becomes increasingly difficult as your inventory of possessions increases. Keep areas free of excessive clutter to reduce dusting, organizing and other cleaning requirements.
  • Use readily available cleaning products - many common household items serve as safe, efficient cleaning products. Become accustomed to using white vinegar, lemons, baking soda and other household items to alleviate dependence on costly chemicals.